Monday, June 25, 2007

I always say that a missionary's job is to help people become dependent upon the Lord. What do you think about this?


pat said...

Amen Brother!

Jodi said...

I believe it is every Christian's job to help other get away from depending on themselves, but to depend more and more on the Lord.
God will help us as we step a little and a little farther out to him.

It's like Peter, walking on the water. He did great - he kept his eyes on Jesus. He took steps toward Jesus, but when he relied on his own beliefs and knowledge, he sank.

Missionaries are great leaders. They show us "at home" that you can step out on faith and look toward the Lord to help you and guide you and direct your ways.

I still remember being taken out of my comfort zone about 20 years ago when the Michaels were back in the states. We ate together and I was to learn the Swahili names of the foods I was eating. At twelve, it seemed harsh. At 37, I realize it was enlightening.

I applaud the missionaries who are willing to walk away from the "needism" of the States. Following God's will is sometimes sticky and rarely what we've planned for ourselves.
I wish I were that strong.

Anonymous said...

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